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Reasons to Move to Key West, Florida

Ready to move to Key West?  This small town of 21,000 people has beautiful sunshine, glorious beaches, warm and friendly residents, and all of the things that you need to live the good life. Want to know even more about life in Key West? Take a look at some of the reasons to make life in Key West, Florida.

Welcome to Miami

Key West is located a short three hours from Miami. While Key West itself offers all of the beach fun, beauty, and excitement one ever needs, many prefer the ambiance of Miami. It’s always nearby if you are ready to experience the excitement.

just listed homes key west

Outdoor Life

As an island at the end of the Florida Keys, residents enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities, including fishing and kayaking. Anyone who appreciates the beautiful outdoors can appreciate their quiet, quaint, adventure-filled life in Key West.

A Tourist Town

Thousands of people make their way to Key West for vacation every year. As a resident of the area, expect summers to be filled with lots of tourists who come to enjoy the beautiful weather and the amazing fun.


Key West is a versatile town filled with wealthy people, regular Joe’s, celebrities, families, and others. If you appreciate a mixture of people and personalities, Key West has the lifestyle that you want.

Beautiful Homes

Life is good in Key West. Take a look at some of the available homes for sale, especially the just listed homes key west. You will find the execute beauty and splendor and all of the things important to you in life. Key West offers a chance at the good life.

Are you ready to enjoy the good life in Key West? There are so many reasons to make your life in Key West.